Tuesdays: 8-14 year olds

Thursdays: 5-11 year olds 

What does our home education group do?


Surrounded by the rich environment of natural resources in Churchwood valley we are

naturally led by the changing climate and seasons to plan our weekly sessions.

We focus on combining free play with more structured activities to help with children’s social,

emotional, intellectual, and physical development vital for a healthy childhood.

So far, this academic year, we have been explorers (using our senses to discover our

environment in detail); survivors (learning skills for survival such as fire lighting) and in

the spring term we will be scientists, discovering how our natural environment works.

We always try to follow the natural curiosity of the children, encouraging them to

enjoy nature, engaging them in the natural sciences around us and helping them develop

key skills valuable for lifelong learning, such as resourcefulness and resilience.

All sessions are ended around a fire, cooking together, and reflecting on the day’s


With academics calling for a 'summer of play’, to counteract the effects of lockdown

for children, we think our balance of play and learning outdoors can give your child the

ideal opportunity to thrive.

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